Black Gold – Shine

shine | Black Gold – ShineNew single ‘Shine’ by Brooklyn based poppers ‘Black Gold’ is a song made for the radio. Falling somewhere between the ‘Take That’ and ‘The Script’ demographic “Shine” is a weak attempt at melodrama. Despite it’s lack of creativity and originality however this attempt from a band still unsigned is highly professional and is sure to appeal to the masses.
The single mainly relies on it’s soft rock keyboards to create a generic easy listening approach while the singers “more annoying than James Blunt” keys really back this up as a catchy yet annoying pop song. Whilst I am obviously not a mainstream pop music fan, it has to be appreciated that a good pop song has never been the easiest thing to write and whilst it pains me to say, this is a song well written for it’s genre.

For those who like ‘Hoosiers’ and ‘One Republic’. ‘Shine is available on iTunes now.

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