Betari’s Box

Those who have been following Sheffield acts as long as I have may recognise the vocals on this mini-album, as it’s the new project of Screaming Mimi’s Loretta Chantry.

This time she’s swapped surf-tinged melodrama for New Wavey electro indie pop. Mixing vintage synths, drum machines, Britpoppy guitar and some sumptuous dreampop vocals, this is a fine septet of songs, with some unashamed 80s and 90s influences. Despite the shift in genre, the dramatic glamour of Screaming Mimi is still intact, giving an overall filmic feel, veering between pure pop to slight menace, sometimes in the flick of a single note.

Highlights of the album include ‘Torment of Martha’ (the soundtrack to an alternative Universe version of The Breakfast Club directed by David Lynch) the poppy yet melancholy Chinese Candy, and gloriously squelchy ‘Sticking Local’, which also gives a glimpse of the old surf guitar of old.

And best of all, this album’s free to download at Bandcamp. A decent collection of tracks that’s well worth a listen.

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