Best Friends: Throwing Up EP

bvestfriend2 | Best Friends: Throwing Up EP

When it’s cold, dark and horrible all the time, it’s difficult to remember that summer even exists. That is until you hear a record like Best Friends’ new EP Throwing Up.Simple, loud and care free, the garage surf-pop Sheffield quartet has hit the nail on the head when it comes to reminiscing the glorious summer time. They have adopted drumbeats that keep the music driving and overused the distortion effect to create that unique beach festival sound.

They kick off the EP with an addictive hook line in ‘Wasting Time’ coming from the lead guitar. The hook is so strong that the whole band sings along to it in the chorus.

It’s difficult to sit still to their music. The introduction to ‘Witches’ calls for all rock and rollers to whip out their air guitars and play along. It is also virtually impossible to sit through ‘Break My Neck’ and the last track ‘Bag O’ Bones’ without clapping along to the drumbeat. Their title-song ‘Throwing up’ requires less physical participation and more sitting back and relaxing as you are entertained by a sweet little psychedelic guitar hook.

It’s already clear by the fifth track, ‘Golden Mile’, that Best Friends is a band that must be experienced live sometime. Recklessly throwing themselves into this track, they begin thrashing chords, shouting, singing at the top of the lungs and quite clearly having a great time.

Best Friends are a somewhat grungier version of Bleeding Knees Club and Cults but have that same “surfer” feel that both bands possess. Crack open a beer, sit by a window, put this record on and remember that summer is coming sooner than you think.

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