Awesome Science – Humanfly

Humanfly | Awesome Science   HumanflyPlay this album, close your eyes and you are driving down a long hazy road surrounded by  endless desert.  The sun is high in the sky and of course you have your aviators on.  Some albums take you away, and Humanfly’s Awesome Science is guilty of taking you on a journey with a record ripe with escapism.

The tracks are science, the compound of progressive drum beats, brilliant fret work, lead singer John Sutcliffe’s Prince of Darkness tone and the bass undercurrent are something special.  To think of the process is exhausting and with every note you hear, you are taken down the neck of the guitar and see the digits at work.  The drums rattle you and not moving your head to the music just seems unnatural, wrong somehow.

Initially hearing that it’s six tracks long, may provoke the thought that it would be short, but Armour of Silence is an epic fourteen minutes forty eight seconds long and The Apple That Never Fell isn’t far behind, reaching nine minutes.

Though long, the tracks don’t drag they change and grow, sweeping you along with them.   Awesome Science lets you dip in, the ebb and flow of the record stays with you,  but every so often firmly grabs your attention when they introduce a serious dose of hard rock.

The first track Golden Arrows pulls you head first into a twisting melodic tune and sets the pace for the rest of the album. Taking you from day to night, A Majestic Story has a darker feel, the song gets heavier, the scream comes out and the picture changes.

With a track two seconds short of quarter of an hour, it would have to shout pretty loud so as not to seem indulgent and somehow it manages it.   Armour of Science begins with a nu metal sound before disappearing behind an army of progression.   It builds and changes, keeping your attention with a constant evolution of sound, making you wonder where it’s going to end up.

The album is an example of great progressive rock that is sweeping Leeds at the moment, it’s for people with an appreciation for music that pushes the boundaries.  The album is skilfully crafted with complex details that make the tracks lengths justifiable.

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