Arthur Rigby and the Baskervylles: Tales from Pegasus Wood EP

arthurrigby | Arthur Rigby and the Baskervylles: Tales from Pegasus Wood EPWhen listening to this EP, I was reminded of the summer that appears to be fast approaching. Tales from Pegasus Wood has a refreshing feel to it, like you have just splashed water on your face and are ready to start a new day. It is folky with the elements of pop and packs the big punch of an orchestra. It’s rhythmic, well poised, sometimes epic and expertly executed. All in all, a true delight to listen to.

It is said that, ‘The music is the invention of front man and guitarist Benjamin, scoring songs for violin, piano, bass, trumpet, trombone, Saxophone and flute.’ His efforts certainly have not gone in vain, the sound is big; it overpowers you to the extent that you just follow in awe, from the epic chorus’ in ‘Dark Clouds’ to the final gentle touch of ‘Ode to Gog’.

This is an EP for the summer. I could happily sit on my garden with a glass of cider soaking up the sun and listen to this stimulating EP. Tales from Pegasus Wood could be one of the classiest things I have heard from Leeds in some time.

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