Alvarez Kings: Cold Conscience EP

cold conscience high res cover1 | Alvarez Kings: Cold Conscience EPHaving been busy on the live circuit for the last year or so, Alvarez Kings have found time to get back into the studio to record their second EP, Cold Conscience, it appears that the Sheffield band are back in business and ready to shake things up. Known for their gritty, energetic live performances the EP translates this flawlessly; it’s a case of what you see is what you get with their latest offering.

Bursting into a frenzied start the EP kicks off with the title track, Cold Conscience. Fuelled with beats and riffs, it feels like foot tapping and hip swinging never went out of fashion. Leading into Fractured Bones and Reputations, there’s no downturn in the music as the tempo keeps racing. The Otherside of Sadness again keeps up the momentum. There’s no time to simply standstill whilst listening, as the journey through passionate situations, be it good or bad it just keeps coming.

Closing the EP is a stripped back acoustic version of Picking Up The Pieces. Simon’s vocals resonate with ease, backed by the lull of a gentle guitar it tells a story and offers advice to those who have loved and lost. It’s tender and hopeful without remorse. Following on from this, after a brief pause, is an unnamed secret track again breathing romantic notions, it’s pretty lovely.

There’s no doubt that Alvarez Kings have an instantly recognisable sound, the Cold Conscience EP simply showcases their versatility as musicians. They appear to have worked out a winning formula with the ability to find an uplifting vibe in the deepest and darkest of situations. Cold Conscience provides an illustration of faultless progressive indie pop, which has the ability to punch you in the face and forget the fact that life can be a bitch at times.

Cold Conscience is released on June 18th through Of National Importance Records:

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