Alt-J: An Awesome Wave (Infectious Music)

alt J An Awesome Wave packshot hi res 600x534 | Alt J: An Awesome Wave (Infectious Music)Alt-J’s latest album An Awesome Wave, feels like one of those experiments that has not only gone right, but set a bar so high that it neighbours the clouds. It is simply an artistic journey through seductive sounds of splendour.

The sound itself is very hard to pin down because it is so diverse. It is filled with strangely complimenting sound you wouldn’t dream of blending together. The major mix that occurs in this album is the mix of soft sounds with heavy beats. It makes you change states quickly, from relaxed to slightly pepped up. The sound doesn’t become overbearing but neither does it lull you to sleep.

The most notable song for me is ‘Fitzwilliam’ which seems to blend strange vocals with a low beat that resonates throughout the track. It is a backbone that provides the attitude to their music. This greatly contrasts against tracks such as ‘Matilda’ which are soft and eloquent. Basically this track has a surprise around every corner.

A feature of this album I found pleasing was its use of short, simple tracks named Interlude I, II and III. This indicates to me that this album should be listened to in full, it is designed to last over a long period without the listener becoming bored. I can happily record it is successful in doing so.

What this album fails to do is leave any room for constructive criticism. I suppose that at times the sounds can blend in a way that could be considered too eccentric, but for me personally this is a masterstroke. It is like nothing I have heard and I will most certainly be purchasing it on its release on the 28th of May.

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  • karern says:

    Brilliant song Brilliant Band, So New SO original, .. I loved the Doors, these are maverik songs Out there to please and to teese your emotions and to guess there reasons , Totally hooked on Alt-J on the money for me .KJ.

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