Acrobatic Society – ‘Kick Me I’m Down’

Acrobatic society have a new EP ‘Kick Me I’m Down,’ Released on Tiny Lights Recordings. Recorded in a dank room in Byker. The Geordie collective have produced an EP which contemporises their sound from their last release ‘Meat Meets Meat’ in 2011.

The band described as ‘post punk’ (whatever that means) open up with ‘Deek it’ an up tempo thrash of vocals and guitars opens the EP. The track lays the foundations for what is to come. An EP of produced rawness with heavy guitars and the odd melodic rift.

‘Surgical’ has a this melodic twinkling, with less attention to the guitars, which allows for concentration on the lyrics, which become more apparent towards the end of the track. The five-piece, have been described as “desperately visceral.” Based on their music this is adequate, but a quick look at the band then this falls short somewhat. Acrobatic Society are Adam Pearson (vocals/guitar), Scott Harrison (vocals/guitar), David McDonald (drums), Sam Megahy (bass), and Sinead Krzyzyk (violin). They have been writing and performing for two years, too much acclaim in the North East.

‘Pink’ and ‘Attention Deficit’ maintain the excellent guitar playing of Person, Harrison and Megahly. The former is a foray into the instrumental with haunting progressive guitar rifts and with synthed reverb throughout. ‘Attention Deficit’ is brought to life with Scott’s vocals and acoustic trickery.

Drummer David McCdonald is realistic about the bands sound: “Regardless of what people read into it, We’re really happy with all the arrangements, and what’s has gone into the songs. We’re not overly precious about people’s opinions.”

They may be not over precious about people opinions, but the vocal on ‘Only cholesterol can break your heart’ the shortest track on the EP is inaudible. This may be the intention and I may be missing the point, but this may influence peoples opinions towards pretentiousness.

The standout track is ‘Death Industry’ a mix of Heavy drums and a superb vocal. The track is set apart from the others, on what is a very good second album by the band.

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