Abe – Heave-Ho EP

Usually, you can get an idea of what to expect from a band just by their name. But with a name that’s short, sharp and over in one syllable, Abe leave you, well, a little bit curious. Sometimes curiosity is a good thing; sometimes it’s not. However, as you press play and listen to Heave-Ho, the curiosity encourages a tentative ear and that’s exactly what you need to fully appreciate this EP.

Introductory track with ‘Step Out’ opens with repetitious chimes and looping resonances, which continue through the duration of 3:21, later joined with punchy percussion. There are no vocals on this number, which is a bold move from Abe to show they’re all about the music and the instrumental build-up eases you pleasantly on to the next track.

The opening to ‘Wink Wink’ features ‘80s synth-pop melodies that contrast with Clubbs Coldron’s sombre vocals, wrought with emotion. Similarly followed by ‘Dark & Sweet’ which opens with hollow electronics and falling and rising cadences ring out. ‘Dark & Sweet’ fades out from a chorus of echoing backing vocals into delicate ending creating a blissful ambience.

‘Yelp!’ is an interesting track with minimal instrumental elements and a great amount of focus on the aforementioned sombre lyrics. What the instrumental does offer is distorted guitars and theatrical looping samples. ‘You Are Me’ is definitely the stand out track on the EP. Resilient, imposing percussion features heavily, throughout the track, coinciding with fuzzy guitars, which juxtapose fragile intertwining vocals – another bold move from Abe.

The overall feel from Heave-Ho is one that leaves you a little bit dazed and surprisingly, quite relaxed. It’s easy-listening, looping instrumentals, and intertwining vocals work together to create a collection of songs that blend more like a piece of art than 5 individual tracks and the result is somewhat ethereal.


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