65 Days of Static – Wild Light

In some ways 65 Days of Static have left behind their ‘post rock’ tag and become more symphonic conductors, their way of progressively challenging their style and instrumental flows has embossed them into a rather unique niche within music as a whole. One thing 65 Days of Static are able to do is provide an open score to soundtrack the events of today. Their cinematic approach reaches out and locks you in a moment, they proved this with their last outing: their alternative soundtrack to 1970’s sci-fi classic Silent Running. Within their latest album, Wild Light, 65 Days of Static have managed to create and immerse themselves in their own cosmos, a place where you’re welcomed into the dystopian utopia.

Wild Light encompasses several different layers fuelled with emotion. The deep dark anxiety driven moments (Heat Death Infinity Splitter, Blackspots) are uplifted by the more uplifting beats (Prisms, The Undertow), then there’s the tender spine tingling moments (Sleepwalk City, Taipei) and when things rise again (Unmake The Wild Light, Safe Passage) there’s a sense of euphoria, the uplifting feeling that’s been there, the sentiment you get when you’ve conquered all you needed to and faced your fears.

Wild Light is an album to repeatedly listen to. There are moments where this isn’t just music anymore, it becomes art, melodramatically captivating the listener, so much so that this isn’t alternate universe this is a journey.

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