Holy Motors & Evil Dead 2 – Tuesday 18th September – Showroom

Next Tuesday sees a couple of very special screenings at the Showroom.

Holy Motors

Leos Carax has not made a feature film since Pola X (a remarkable, if flawed, piece of cinema) back in 1999, but it would seem that his long absence has not been in vain. Carax is one of the most exciting director of our age, and the only one who appears to be prepared to make films that the world may not as yet be ready for. The fact he may well be more than slightly insane is bye the bye. IMDB describes Holy Motors as:

“From dawn to dusk, a few hours in the life of Monsieur Oscar, a shadowy character who journeys from one life to the next. He is, in turn, captain of industry, assassin, beggar, monster, family man…”

Here’s what the critics say:

“An exhilarating, lunatic odyssey that delves deep into the murky relationship between film and our dreams.” – Robbie Collin – Telegraph 5*

“It is wayward, kaleidoscopic, black comic and bizarre; there is in it a batsqueak of genius, dishevelment and derangement; it is captivating and compelling.” – Peter Bradshaw – Guardian 5*

The premiere is a glossy affair in London, but you can watch it by the power of satellites at the Showroom. It features a live beamed in Q&A with director, Kyle and star, Denis Lavant.


Evil Dead 2

At the age of 10, Evil Dead (somewhat less than miraculously) became stuck in my dad’s video recorder (for anyone under the age of 20, see Wikipedia). Let’s just say, he wasn’t pleased. Evil Dead 2 is kind of a sequel, although the start is more of a re-hashed recap. Sam Raimi takes a fairly straight gory horror film, chucks-in a bucket-load of comedy, even more splatter, and seasons it with more inventiveness than any other horror film. Bruce Campbell has a chin that could wipe out whole civilisations and a stare which could make a nun lose her habit.

“The gaudily gory, virtuoso, hyper-kinetic horror sequel/remake uses every trick in the cinematic book, and confirms that Bruce Campbell and Raimi are gods.” – Empire

“One of the most visually inventive, relentless, and truly original films ever made” – BBC

If you’ve never seen it before, possess a sense of humour and a dark side, go and see. It’s also a rare opportunity to see it on the big screen for any fans out there.