Do It Thissen

As part of the Festival of the Mind, Do it Thissen is an exhibition of record covers, photographs and fanzines from the Sheffield and South Yorkshire music scene 1978–1982.

Do It Thissen being held in Montgomery Hall on Surrey Street between Sunday 23rd–Sunday 30th September. The exhibition will also feature work from contemporary artists, who have been asked to respond to the material: Tim Allcard, Couk, Lesley Guy, and Sid & Mallory. The opening, on Saturday 22nd, will feature a talk by Martin Lacey, editor of NMX fanzine (and DJ at the Union’s Now Society) as well as a DJ performance by Jon Downing, one of the exhibition’s curators. There will be all day DJing on Sunday September 23rd, and a record deck on hand during the week. There will also be a showing of Eve Wood’s film, ‘Made In Sheffield’ and other performances.

On 29th September, there will be a special event where Neil Webb and Ron Wright use the records as sound sources and inspiration, Sensoria launch their Musical Map, Alex McLean does live-coding using scanned record sleeves. Register at and get a free beer at the gallery.

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