Manic Musical Monday Mahem

‘Decisive indecisive’ was the term of the day when it came to a rainy Monday evening in Sheffield. A whole heap of free gigs going down and henceforth choices a plenty. So after much deliberating of who/where/why/what/when with my Counterfeit partner in crime, Jamie Boynton, we decided we’d have our own little ‘steel city’ crawl and cover five acts in three venues, could we do it? Hell yeah we could.

Soyo live has become one of the pinnacle nights in Sheffield music for the last 18 months or so. It brings about something for everyone and showcases a range of music, arts and drinks offers. This was our starting point. Our first act of the night was Jack Pham. The lad and his guitar drifted into an enchanting little set. Not your usual pain fuelled angsty songs you tend to see with acts such as these, more an upbeat, tongue in cheek approach to lyrics. It was a shame more people didn’t sit up and listen. It was truly delightful.  Which led us to The Legend of The Seven Black Tentacles. An experimental band that fuses amongst others hip hop/classical/electro alongside a range of funky looking instruments. It’s a whole heap of swirling influences that brings about an epic sound unfortunately due to our epic fest we had to swiftly make haste and we were Washy bound.

Leeds two-piece That Fucking Tank (or That F**king Tank for the faint hearted) were ready set and able to make the small venue shake to its foundations. Purely instrumental it they have a minimal approach and it’s simply a case of getting on with it. No frills, just drums and a guitar. Some have called the band humourless in their approach personally I think you need a mighty dry sense of humour in order to fulfil the prophecies they induce. It may not be pretty, but it’s mighty fine.

Next on the agenda and a quick leg it over Devonshire Green down to West Street Live to catch the lads from Gypsy Toes. Seems our mission was held up by hoards of student type pub golfers. A relatively new band to the scene but gaining a good following and a heap of gigs, they managed to battle over the sounds coming from the inebriated masses. By battle their laid back approach always meant they were going to bitch slap them down. The five-piece form a haunting plethora of hypnotistic anthems it’s unfortunate that the crowd weren’t appreciative of them and were more into the cheap Corky’s.

Our final set for the night and back at Soyo was the ultimate force, well in my eyes, the marvellous 12-piece Renegade Brass Band. Yes, I said 12-piece brass band. A band like no other with their hip hop, soul and funk vibes it’s all pretty sweeeeeet! With the launch of their Radio Rebelde EP a whole heap of tunes were blasted via trumpets, saxophones and even a zebra striped sousaphone. Sit back and enjoy the carnival eccentricities they provide I guarantee you’ll be up and dancing before you know it. Seriously.

A variety musical acts on a Monday night all for nada, Sheffield you are truly spoiling us.