Higher Rhythm and Plugged: The Leadmill Sheffield

A ten-band line-up sounds pretty much like an all day event, but not when it’s put in the hands of the Leadmill et al. A combination of 2 stages, back-to-back bands and a foray of talent lead to a pretty awesome music fuelled night.

Having missed Poxy Reason and Stone Ugly, the night started for us with the sounds of the main stage, The Beaus were on the off. Recently hyped by the masses and seemingly influenced by The Clash with their ska/reggae/ rock riffs these Doncaster boys seem to have a lot going for them. Although a broken snare seemed to put an early halt on their performance, shame really. With a quick hop, step and jump to the Steel stage we caught The Salvo. They’re a little bit dirty, a little bit skinny and a whole lot of hair. Punchy tunes and jaded vocals akin to that of someone who may or may not have overplayed The Libertines at some point recently. It wasn’t as bad as I make it sound, honestly.

Rotherham’s finest the Tivoli took to the main stage with their usual stern look. These boys mean business with the stance and swagger alongside their anthemic tunes. Unfortunately it was lost a bit in the Leadmill as these aren’t, and no offence here, your typical ‘indie boys’. There’s a lot of depth, some belting tunes and whenever I’ve seen them live they’ve never failed to impress.

I have to admit at this point that things got a bit confusing White Buffalo and Whispering Dolls were next on the bill but due to the people and places it was a bit of a blur! From what I gather White Buffalo did good and Whispering Dolls it appears are Dead Delta, same people, same stuff with that Stones retro feel. Confused? Yes.

Anyhow, Alvarez Kings packed the Steel Stage in doing so made it all look so effortless. I’d love to know how they do it. Having had a fabulous 2010, this year is set to look promising. A faultless performance with old and new tracks that, are able to get people at least tapping their feet if not having a bounce in the middle of the crowd. I saw it happen. Our headliners for the night were Elephant Keys. HOW LOUD were they?! For a three-piece they know how to rock it. They were screechy, fast and totally on form.

What a cracking end to the night!

Everything appeared to run smooth and having had a quick chat with Steve from Higher Rhythm post-gig, it seems more things are planned for 2011, certainly something to look forward too.