Litany are made up of two strong qualities, the voice (Beth Cornell) and the production (Jake Nicolaides). Vocally they are flawless and alongside their distinctive production style, these two qualities come together to create remarkable music.

Q. Give us a little background information about the band and how you both met?

Beth: We met when our high school music teacher forced us to perform a Snow Patrol cover in front of our year group. We were 13; there are many regrets. A couple of years later, we met up for a drink and Jake started playing some of the songs he’d made on his iPhone. I thought they sounded great so was eager to lay some vocals down. It probably sounded awful, but we quickly discovered that we worked well with one another and eventually, as we got better, we realised that this was something we both really enjoyed doing. I moved home, we ditched the iPhone for a desktop and started taking it seriously.

Q. Tell us about your recording process, from original demo material to finished productions?

Jake: The process is constantly evolving and changes as we learn new, easier ways to approach writing music. At the moment, I write a few demos, Beth picks her favorite and we go on from there. Once we have a bunch of good ideas, we reconvene and choose the songs we want to take forward. After that, its post-production, mixing and then mastering.

Beth: We spend the majority of our time writing lyrics and finding the best possible melodies for each tune. I think we are maybe overly scrupulous about this part of the process…

You are part of a modern group of artists that makes “post party” music. Music that has an intoxicating groove yet is emotive and melancholic.

Q. Would you say you are self aware of this very modern style of music? And is it a fitting description of your songs?

Beth: Yeah I guess we’re aware but we can’t or haven’t really found a suitable description for our sound. Over the past two years we’ve been growing a lot as artists and our music on SoundCloud right now definitely reflects that. We’ve really taken the time to find out who we are and what we wanted make before perhaps diving into a sound we weren’t especially comfortable with.

Litany 3 | Litany

Q. As you’re from the north of England, a region renowned for it’s electronic music, who are your influences?

Jake: Most of my influences come from growing up with my older brothers who were massively into the big personalities like Morrissey and Jarvis Cocker. I love artists who can say something new and can be honest about how they relate to the world around them. For the production side of things, I’m not certain of any electronic bands specifically from the north that I’m massively influenced by. I think most of my electronic music influences come from across the Atlantic like Caribou or further down south like Radiohead.

Beth: I didn’t have the luxury of my family being into Northern bands like The Smiths and Joy Division etc. My dad instead brought me up on a diet of hair metal and glam rock, which was okay for a time but I sought solitude in funk and soul as I got older. The likes of Lee Moses, Betty Wright and Chic really influenced me with their attention to melodic detail and sometimes gritty lyrical content. As a vocalist, vocals are the first thing I hear and perhaps look out for and this genre really spoke to me in that respect.

Litany 2 | Litany

Q. Are there any other exciting northern musicians you are aware of at the moment?

Beth: Yeah the North are killing it right now. The lovely Lapsley is doing deservedly well right now and so is fellow Harrogatonian, Billie Marten. We also heard a track by Leeds artist, KRUMM called ‘Evil Twin’ the other day which we digged massively.

Q. Do you have any more releases coming up and do you plan to record a full length album anytime soon?

Jake: The plan is to be a lot more prolific this year and release more music. An album is something we’ll get to but we have lots of new songs we’re looking forward to sharing before that.

Q. Are you planning to perform any live dates this year?

Jake: At the moment, probably towards the end of the year. We can’t wait to finally get stuck into playing our first live shows!

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