Cobra Fist

While everyone across the country appears to be losing their heads, we’re safely keeping ours. There is a reason for this, unbeknown to most, the streets are being kept safe by a trio of musical super-heroes. With their real identities hidden underneath brightly coloured ninja hoods I find out more about Lore, Legend and Myth, who collectively are Cobra-Fist.

Interested in finding out more about the group, I am told by Lore ‘Cobra-Fist are an ancient order of monks that slept for a millennium and have awaked to fight evil’. When it comes to their definition of evil, they universally inform me that ‘evil consists of darkness, murder, white collar fraud and graffiti’.

It seems that there’s a strategy to fighting evils here as Myth briefs me, ‘it’s all about combat; identifying a target, creeping up on it and then pouncing’, Legend then explains ‘You have to learn its routine first.  We can’t tell you anymore that that, but you have to learn its ways’.

As I try and work out the play of Cobra-Fist combat, Myth enlightens me that ‘there’s a special book that was written and then sealed and then buried’. He then confesses that they’ve forgotten where they’ve buried it, but Legend admits that they’ve ‘found some of the lost scrolls’, which Myth adds ‘indeed we have and that is the name of our EP, The Lost Scrolls’.

it’s kind of like a musical batman signal in the sky, when you see that and if you’re a bad man, you need to run.

So as well as mortal combat, Cobra-Fist are also a music tribe. ‘It’s a style of music called ‘Quest Core’ and basically’, begins Myth, ‘it sort of pumps us up and gets us ready for when we’re about to compete or when we’re about to go and fight evils. We’ve been inspired by many other Quest Core routes, such as the Rocky soundtracks, John Carpenter films and…’ Legend interrupts here with simply saying ‘the karate kid’ as Myth continues ‘and anything with a montage or training scene. Basically it could be anything as long as it has that you can feel great’ type build up in it. We then mixed it with an Atari computer game, 8 bit crap type sound and every shit ninja film that has ever been made and basically put it together with some loud stuff’’, as he continues with ‘we find it hard to control to be honest’. Lore clarifies Myths words ‘it’s kind of like a musical batman signal in the sky, when you see that and if you’re a bad man, you need to run’.

cf1 199x300 | Cobra FistCobra-Fist don’t hide themselves away, they actually put on live exhibitions for the public. Myth explains ‘we first started playing to the public at small intimate gatherings, like parties and fancy dress stuff. Then from a fancy dress party people wanted to see us again, which we were quite surprised by’.

The surprises appear to be getting bigger, after recently supporting Gallops at the Harley, who I am told that Cobra-Fist were very honoured to have them as worthy battle foes. Asking what Gallops thought of the crime busting trio, Lore admits ‘they didn’t know who we were, which is the way that we like it’.

As I wonder if the general public are ready for Cobra-Fist, it appears that no-one is ready. ‘We’re a quiet storm’ muses Legend, but Lore adds ‘we’re not really quiet’.

So who around, at the moment sparks the guys on, ‘we love the wet nun guys, we’re friends with them and they’re good lads, think they’ve got a similar ethic to how they perform and what type of stages or venues or gatherings they prefer to play at rather than rushing out having big elaborate gigs, bit more of a punky D.I.Y ethic and we’re hoping to do more gigs with them at little venues, but we need more little venues in Sheffield in order to do that’ explains Myth whilst adding ‘we’re not aiming for the mainstream’.

With their biggest gig to date, supporting Three Trapped Tigers, occurring in a few weeks there’s a fair bit of interest surrounding the band. Myth tells me that there’s ‘a couple of people in Leeds and Manchester interested, but I don’t know whether they’re ready for us’.

When I ask what people can expect from Cobra-Fist live Lore bluntly states ‘the unexpected’, Myth fills in the empty space informing that they can expect ‘sexy Conan escaping from new York, that’s our manifesto or advanced D&D on heat’. It all sounds very intriguing.  Legend enlightens me on my intrigue and explains that ‘you are able to join us on our quest, if you join the sacred Facebook page. We’re getting together a clan of fisties. You can be either a fistie or fister. If you come down to one of our exhibitions you can get knighted. We like people to be involved, if you get to the front, there’s more chance of being knighted. Myth continues ‘well you may get knighted, there’s competition. If you do get knighted you’ll get a sacred crystal cosmo bhindi and they’re not given out to just anybody’. Lore further explains ‘proximity is the thing. You’ve got to prove yourself by getting to the front, we don’t like shy fisters. Myth again interjects, ‘normally we like to perform and play amongst the crowd and the members get as close as we can so we can give things to the fellow clan members and get them involved in what we do and then more involved’.

On the back of this Legend simply states ‘I like to get my drum kit in the middle of the room, but sound engineers hate us because of that’. As they muse over this fact, Myth admits ‘we need more power behind us to demand a drum kit in the middle of a room’. Though providing a bit of spark, Lore declares ‘power will come from teaching all the world, spreading the word, fighting evil and striking fear into the hearts of our enemies. One day we will become more powerful and have our drum kit in the middle of the floor’.

Cobra Fist 0988 Gary Wolstenholme | Cobra Fist

It seems as though our heroes here are about to set on a new journey, Lore, Legend and Myth are searching for Fable. In short they are looking for a singer/front person. It seems that they need to bring what is potentially missing from the bad boy trio of not singers. Myth asserts that they ‘want a singer who isn’t really a singer. Someone who gets involved who doesn’t have an ego’ and follows with ‘we just want to throw ourselves around adn make loud noises basically’.

With plans for ventures to Leeds, Manchester and further afield, it seems that Cobra-Fist will certainly be involved with lots of action over the next few months. Given their ninja disguises, I can admit I know their real identities, not that I am going to share this with you. I am safe in the knowledge that Cobra-Fist will serve, protect and provide a decent battle and as the threesome admit, ‘none of it is too serious, it’s about having a good time’.