Sheffield Theatre Preview – June

The Pitmen Painters – Lyceum – 3rd-8th June

From the creator of Billy Elliot, The Pitmen Painters charts the story of a group of Ashington miners who hire a professor to teach an arts appreciation class. Set in the ‘30s, they rapidly abandon theory for practice, eventually creating works that were highly sought after, and at the same time still putting in a daily shift down the mine.

High Society – Lyceum – 11th-15th June

Get ready for the musical event of the season as Cole Porter’s timeless classic, High Society, skips into town.

Wealthy socialite Tracy Lord is in the midst of planning a lavish summer wedding when her ex-husband Dexter Haven turns up to disrupt the proceedings. When charming reporter Mike Connor arrives and falls instantly for Tracy (and she for him), everyone is guessing who the bride will choose.

The Comedy of Errors – Sheffield Drama Studios – 12th-15th June

Two sets of identical twins separated at birth. Antipholus and Dromio of Syracuse arrive in Ephesus, the home of their twin siblings. Wild mishaps, beatings, seductions and arrests follow, with accusations of infidelity, thefts, madness and demonic possession adding to the mayhem.

This is My Family – Studio Theatre – 19th June – 20th July

Imagine you entered a magazine competition to describe your family.

Imagine you came first and won a dream holiday for the lot of you, anywhere in the world.

Then imagine you’re thirteen and what you’d written was a load of lies ‘cause actually you feel your family is on the verge of splitting up.

Where is the one place on earth you could take them that might make a difference?