Sheffield Art Preview – June

Steffie Richards: Run – Gallery at the Circle – 1st June – 31st August

Run presents a body of work relating to the ephemeral feeling experienced when running long distance. These paintings deal with how humans can pass through space without leaving any trace of our passing and present an imagining f what that trace might look if we were to leave something behind in our wake.

Postcard Poems – Bank Street Artspace – 1st-30th June

An exhibition of newly commissioned poetry for the Sheffield Poetry Festival.
Selected poets were invited to send us a Picture Postcard from the town or place where they live, work or just somewhere they had visited, in April 2013. On the reverse side of the postcard, adjacent to the address panel, where normally there would be a message, the poets were requested to hand write an original poem that related in some way to the location of the postcard.

Mike Kelley, Mobile Homestead Videos – SITE Gallery – 8th -20th July

Mobile Homestead Videos is a Site Gallery exhibition in collaboration with Artangel featuring three videos made in Detroit by Mike Kelley (1954 – 2012) as a key part of his last work. Recognised as one of America’s most influential artists of the past 25 years, this will be the European premiere of the exhibition of the videos.

Going West on Michigan Avenue from Downtown Detroit to Westland and Going East on Michigan Avenue from Westland to Downtown Detroit, follow the journey of a mobile home – a replica of the Kelley family Detroit home, recreated by the artist – pulled by a truck from its new location at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit (MOCAD) to visit the old Kelley family home

The films of the journey are intercut by interviews with some of the inhabitants and workers who occupy Michigan Avenue. Kelley interweaves a narrative between the fascinating and bizarre characters, drawing the viewer into the incredible, sometimes shocking and other times ordinariness of peoples’ lives. It is a street of strange encounters; from Albanian Mike at Mike’s Famous Hams, opposite the only Jewish deli in the city, and nestling behind it, a ‘life-style’ venue led by a local dominatrix.

Laure Prouvost: ‘no-tea?’ – The Schtip – 12th June – 2nd July

Laure will be installing works on The Schtip’s branded walls, and her recent film Wantee will be screened on June 12th. Wantee was commissioned by Tate and Grizedale to accompany the recent Schwitter’s exhibition at Tate Britain, this will be its first screening away from the institution.

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