October Arts

With the Warhol exhibition in Graves Gallery and Paul Morrion’s Auctorium at the Millennium Gallery both continuing, it is sometimes easy to overlook new exhibitions opening in Sheffield’s smaller independent art spaces. This city has a great range and breadth of talented artists and creative minds, and some excellent smaller exhibition venues.

The Parallax Curtain – S1 Artspace – 27th September – 17th November

The Parallax Curtain brings together newly commissioned and existing works including sculpture, painting, performance and video, by three British-based artists, Melissa Gordon, Emily Musgrave and Jessica Warboys.

A parallax effect describes the phenomena whereby the world and objects around us appear displaced, unfamiliar or changed when viewed from a different position. It is a way of looking from two lines of sight or two opposing points of view – both literally and philosophically. A form of expanded perception, a parallax reveals multiple perspectives in continual flux which in turn create limitless layers of meaning.

The Parallax Curtain draws together these ideas through the presented works, which, due to each artist’ multiplied approach, share a sense of re-appropriation, renewal and re-presentation. Through extensive research, obsessive cataloguing and process itself, the artists mine the past for forgotten histories and real world events; historical figures; discarded objects with their own silent history; or fictions to retell. Through this process – in addition to a constant editing, collage and layering – resulting works subtlety re-perform these various narratives.


Lazerian:Six – MADE NORTH – 27th September – 10th November

MADE NORTH Gallery at Yorkshire Artspace is now open. The Gallery provides a creative platform that actively encourages and promotes understanding of contemporary northern design and craft. The MADE NORTH Gallery presents new and experimental work by established and emerging northern designer/makers.

The Lazerian:Six Showcase exhibition charts the pioneering work of a creative practice set up in 2006 by Liam Hopkins, a Manchester born designer/maker. Lazerian is based in a former hat factory in Manchester and the practice focuses on the creation of functional objects through playful investigation of materials and processes, seeking to imbue objects with a bit of soul. The practice works on a variety of projects including furniture, interiors and objects. The Lazerian showcase at MADE NORTH features a range of new work and accessories alongside furniture and lighting design


Pilvi Takala: Breaching Experiments – Site Gallery – 14th September – 10th November

Over the past decade, Finnish artist Pilvi Takala has developed a body work which unpicks those conventions created within micro-social environments.

Breaching Experiments brings together several of Takala’s recent film based works as well as two performances to take place during the exhibition. Her works are often filmed covertly, capturing and observing or in some cases re-enacting seemingly bizarre social situations. Awkward, provoking, uncompromising and at times unbearably embarrassing, Takala exposes the unspoken rules of society and draws intrinsic conditions to the surface.


Paper Cuts: Alternative Horror Poster Art Exhibition – Showroom Cinema – 28th September – 31st October

In conjunction with Celluloid Screams Horror Festival a collective of local artists has taken on a selection of classic films previously screened at Celluloid Screams to create brand new alternative poster art.

This year’s artists are: Mute, Sarah Abbott, Jonathan Wilkinson, Geo Law, Lucy Allen, Louise Hackett, Wynn Ryder, Nicola Stuart and Lisa O’ Hara.


(Re)Mixed in Sheffield “Crossing he Line” City Centre Art Exhibition – Cambridge Street – 2nd-15th October

Mixed In Sheffield’s Olympic year project “Crossing The Line” continues with a city centre exhibition of all 39 pieces of 12″ record cover artwork created by 39 of Sheffield’s best creative minds.


TDR Car Booty Affair- A Very Different Kind of Designers Republic Show – A Month of Sundays – 6th October – 3rd November

A very different kind of Designers Republic show is coming to Sheffield. A collection of pieces will be available to buy from the archives of the most influential graphic design and communication agencies on the planet. TDR will be showcasing work dating all the way back to 1986, from Warp Records and Pulp to Wipeout and Gatecrasher.


More Art listings are available via http://artsheffield.org/assets/listings/