Love Crime (Crime d’amour)

Dir: Alain Corneau

Stars: Ludivine Sagnier, Kristin Scott Thomas & Patrick Mille

Love Crime is the last film of the late director Alain Corneau who died shortly after its completion. He is probably best known for his early work, Tous les Matins du Monde, which starred Gérard Depardieu; his output being rather a mixed bag following that.

When Christine (Scott Thomas), a high flying executive at a multinational corporation, brings in the young and talented Isabelle (Sagnier) as her assistant, she enjoys playfully tormenting her young protégé. Isabelle is infatuated with her boss, but when she finds Christine passing of her work as her won, she decided to go behind her back. Her new found confidence reaps rewards, none less so than Christine’s plaything Philippe (Mille), but her boss is no shrinking violet and is prepared to fight to keep what she has.

Love Crime is a peculiar film reminiscent of movies from another era. Whilst slightly surreal, knowingly overacted and kitsch, it also manages to be strangely compulsive and hypnotic. The film hinges on the performances of the two leading ladies, and they don’t disappoint; both delivering wonderfully caricatured performances. Kristin Scott Thomas as wonderful as the Machiavellian business woman prepared to destroy anyone who gets in her path. Sagnier, as the determined understudy bent on revenge who is rarely out of heels.

Love Crimes is rather kitsch and a very French crime of passion.

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