Celluloid Screams – Sheffield Horror Film Festival

Now in its third year, Celluloid Screams continues to grow in terms of quality and scope, bringing together a collection of films which will please the die-hard (maybe not the Die Hard) horror fans and casual viewers alike.  It’s a very friendly festival.  There has been a great atmosphere in every screening I have been to, with people there to enjoy the films, but also to enjoy themselves. Things aren’t taken too seriously; you can enjoy a few drinks in the bar between films, and even take a drink in with you.  It is very inclusive and you don’t have to be a horror fanatic to enjoy it.

This year sees a very strong line-up.  Whilst I’m sure films such as Halloween and Re-Aninimator will instantly jump out at people from the line-up, I find there are always great unknown treats to be had.  Horror geeks will be excited by Richard Stanley being the guest of honour this year.  I’m not that hardcore to have a great knowledge of his work, but I know many horror fans who hold his films such as Hardware and Dust Devil (which is showing) in very high regard.

This year I’m especially looking forward to Tomei:Unlimited, the ninth (I think) film in the franchise which is based on the Manga of the same name.  It’s a pretty ropey series in truth, but the evil genius behind Machine Girl takes the helm here, and I’ve heard very good reports. If Asian craziness is your thing, then check out Helldriver.  If the director’s previous films are anything to go by (Tokyo Gore Police and Vampire Girl Vs Frankenstein Girl) it should be a whole bucket load of craziness.

The opening gala on Friday sees the Yorkshire horror of Inbred take the spotlight, and there is the usual secret film on the Sunday this year (It was the UK debut of Paranormal Activity a couple of years ago).  Also worth checking out is the eerie Some Guy Who Kills People and, for those of you who like your H.P. Lovecraft, there is a great (for once) adaptation of The Whisperer in Darkness.

Some Guy Who Kills People

The Festival takes place over the weekend of 21-23rd October at The Showroom and as usual, every film will have a short attached to it.  They are always worth checking out, as there have been some little gems in the past.

Passes and more information available from: http://www.celluloidscreams.co.uk/